There’s more than one type of search engine. Even though most people think of Google or Bing, there are several more English search engines, and several dozen search engines in other languages. Knowing which search engines to target—and how—is important for optimizing your ad and SEO experience. Instead of spending hours researching these different search engine strategies, contact Comprades Media to manage your search engine map.

The Big Search Engine

Google is the number one search engine used by volume. It owns over 70% of the market, and it’s followed by Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. For this reason, it makes sense to optimize most of your content for Google. However, knowing how to do this isn’t always simple. You’ll want to base your content on your own location as well as your potential customer’s location. You’ll also want to take into account nearby competitors, past successful strategies, and changing market trends. Fortunately, Comprades Media is always up to speed on the newest content and marketing strategies, and we’re able to analyze their effectiveness. We can cater these strategies to a variety of markets, search engines, and audiences.

Best Practices

It’s important to know best practices for different search engines. Each has certain rules meant to foster more human, relevant content. For this reason, black hat practices will be blacklisted, causing your site to appear lower on SERPs. However, it can be hard to learn and remember all of these practices—that’s where Comprades Media comes in. We’re knowledgeable in the most current white hat and grey hat practices to create and disburse the most relevant, interesting content. This content will increase your rankings, which will in turn increase your engagements and overall leads.

Making The Right Content Visible

Our team is versatile in creating content for a variety of search engines, as well as social media platforms and campaigns. We can help you rank your content for the right markets, thus ensuring you’re reaching the audience you want, as opposed to the wrong audience or no audience at all. In this way, search engine map management is important for both new and growing businesses. We can help you get on the map or increase your place on it; either way, smart search engine map strategies mean better content and more conversions.

Second To None

Comprades Media is second to none when it comes to increasing your online presence. With our expertise in keyword research, social media strategizing, and SEO optimization, we can ensure you’re generating leads, optimizing content, and overall growing your business. Our services are affordable, highly rated, and essential for reaching high ranks in search engines results. Let us help your business reach the next tier and continue to grow beyond.

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